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When death visits a university..who dies next?

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When death visits a university..who dies next?

Post by ozoemena on Fri Mar 04, 2016 3:12 pm

Who dies next?
The Angel of death,seems to have set his eyes on the administration of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.Within the past year, the university lost not less than 6 students in very gruesome circumstances. Most touching was the death of masters student some weeks ago,almost done with his masters program. Just a few weeks to his final exams, he went home and never came back.He lost his life in a fatal accident. In the faculty of physical sciences, a young man in his early twenties, suddenly broke down and.. No more.
Countless others lost their loved ones.Between last year last quarter, and this year January, not less than 6 members of staff lost close family members in the faculty of biosciences alone.An estimated 26 students have been involved in serious accidents in the past few months, About half of whom didn’t make it. The dean of the faculty of biosciences also broke like a twig,in her prime.Just last week the burial rights got concluded.The same period that the first Dean died,DVC(deputy vice Chancellor)also died.
Just this morning(22nd February, 2016, the dean,faculty of education,woke up,and while preparing for school, slumped and died! Two deans in so short a while.These deaths are not so natural.. Nobody knows who is next.. The angel of death seems to have been let loose..
A doc. While teaching her students remarked,”Who would like to be the next dean,since this new wave of death seems to have been targeted at deans of faculties? ” The statement, though almost a joke, poses a serious question,what is happening?
I know that people must die,but these recent waves of death seem unprecedenst.Some people might think it funny, whose eyes are not open in the spiritual realm. But the fact is,there is a moral and spiritual war waged on the school at all levels, from the administration, to the students, to the non- academic staff. People must wake up,it is not as simple as it appears. There is need for a reawakening, a call for revival. “If my people who are called after my name, will humble themselves before me in prayer.. I will heal their land”
This angel of death must be turned away! Who is on the Lord’s side?
Just last weekend, early Saturday morning, some bands of hooligans ambushed and robbed a some students on their way home from night class.Some other such cases were heard last year, where some students were reportedly raped,right inside the campus.
Who is on the Lord’s side??

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